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about this community 

Welcome to The Simplest Self monthly membership community!
This community is for you if you're ready to get curious about your healing, and be an active participant in your own emotional well-being. This community supports the development of emotional depth through self-paced and self-led material, with a guided curriculum and gentle accountability.

“I feel validated. Like I’m on the right path.”

“Our lives are all so different, yet we all resonate about the same things. 
It’s inspiring and makes me feel less alone.”

- The Simplest Self Community Members

it includes:

• Monthly themes covering topics related to mental health and trauma healing from a holistic perspective
• Professionally produced + edited videos with closed captioning
• Access to events and guest speakers related to all things mental health, trauma, wellness and more
• Downloadable journal prompts and exercises focused on each monthly theme
• Guided meditations and yoga
• A private & regulated community within an app through Mighty Networks
• Access to Lauren and her team of trauma informed professionals & practitioners
• A regularly updated library of guided yoga and trauma informed workouts

topics covered will include:

• Emotional regulation: How to regulate your emotions and your nervous system
• Healing in the present while relearning the relationship with your past survival strategies
• Top down & bottom up approaches to healing
• Self compassion practices
• Gaining awareness around anxiety, procrastination, motivation and WHY these things come up for you
• Learning to be with the sensations in your body to process emotions
• Body based mindfulness
• Mind/body/food: A holistic + trauma informed approach to healing your relationship with food + your body
• Healing in the present while relearning the relationship with your past survival strategies
• Exploring your personal history to clarify patterns from the past that interfere with your present
• How to work WITH your attachment style
• Transitioning from self shame to self compassion
• Inner child work
• Getting out of survival mode 

and so much more!

"My time with Lauren was nothing short of incredible"
She created the most warm and loving space for me to talk all things body, and I felt safe talking to her about familial diet culture, emotional and physical traumas, present stagnancy, and escapism from my body. She welcomed all topics of conversation, from childhood experiences to current relationship roadblocks, and helped me connect all things to presence in body & honoring my intuition.

- Taylor

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 Who is Lauren of The Simplest Self? 

Hi! I’m Lauren Rasmussen. I am a trauma-informed and trained practitioner who specializes in complex trauma, disordered eating & nervous system regulation. I am a certified trauma informed coach and NARM Professional. I have a degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Behavioral Neuroscience. I am also currently working on my second degree, a masters in Counseling Psychology. I have advanced training in Attachment Theory, Polyvagal Theory, & Internal Family Systems. I also hold certifications in Intuitive Eating, Body Image in a Clinical Practice, Holistic Nutrition, & am a 200 hour E-RYT YACEP Yoga instructor. I am a multi-passionate practitioner who utilizes a combination of resources to help support clients through creating mental and emotional wellness. 

If we put my professional career aside, I am also a human. My work is deeply rooted in my personal mission and what I have walked through in my own life. On my Instagram platform, @thesimplestself, I share bits of my own story with the intention to remind others that they are not alone. Because healing can feel really, really lonely sometimes. 

Throughout my 20’s, my healing began. I found a passion for sharing through writing and began to share my words online. I found a lot of healing in community and recognized the power in destigmatizing mental health. 

I now work with clients from all walks of life to help them reclaim their bodies and create a life that they feel safe living. No matter what they’ve been through, no matter who has hurt them, and no matter how hard they’ve been on themselves–they deserve to heal. 

This is my life’s work, and I’m more passionate about it than anything in the world. 

Looking at your story, and how it’s showing up in your current reality is hard work, but it’s more transformative than anything. It’s about learning how what you’ve been through is informing what you’re going through. 

Not a lot of people actually come home to their bodies, but you can, and I can help.

 What is the benefit of joining a membership? 

As I mentioned above, I know that healing can feel really, really lonely sometimes. So I created the membership for a few reasons: 

1. For those who want to be an active participant in their own emotional well-being and healing but perhaps can’t afford the cost of 1:1 work. And for those who may be doing the 1:1 work, but are still wanting some sort of community to walk with. 

2. In addition to a community, it was really important to me that this membership had tangible resources. I envision those who are a part of this membership to be able to log in when they’re having a hard day and be able to utilize the videos and supplementary resources to find solid ground, to remember that what they’re feeling is normal, and to learn ways to feel regulated and grounded. 

3. I like to think of this membership as a combination of tools, resources, coaching, and embodied community. It’s something I’m incredibly proud of. I know the power of healing in community and I cannot wait to watch this flourish. 

 What happens if I want to cancel? 

You can cancel at any time!

 Who is this membership for? 

This membership is for: 

1. Those who want to work on their own mental & emotional well being. Perhaps you are doing 1:1 work and want a community in addition, or maybe 1:1 work does not fit your budget right now and you’d like a more affordable way to learn resources and be saturated in trauma informed education and community. 

2. Those who want to learn to live in the present moment and regulate their emotions in order to live a more easeful life.

3. Those who lead busy lives and don’t feel like they have a lot of time to commit to themselves and their own personal growth and healing. 

4. Those who are wanting a community of like minded individuals who all have the common intention of walking forward in their growth & healing. 

5. Those who want to be active participants in their own healing. This is not the same as 1:1 work, which means while there is gentle accountability, my role in your healing is not to the same capacity as 1:1. 

6. Those who relate to what I share on Instagram and Tik Tok and want to go deeper in this work. 

7. Those who are interested in 1:1 coaching but want to see more of how I run my practice.


This membership is not for: 

1. “Dumping.” The first month of the membership is all about, “How to hold space for others while holding space for yourself.” This way you CAN be an active participant in your own healing, while also respecting the boundaries of others in the community. Within the community there are protocols if this happens, as we (Lauren & her team) will strive to make this as safe a place as possible. You will be heard. 

2. A replacement to psychotherapy or working with a qualified trauma practitioner in 1:1 work.

 Which Tier do you suggest? 

I personally think Tier 2 has the most bang for your buck (yes, I said that lol). However, every Tier offers a lot of support. The live group aspects are included within Tiers 2 & 3, so I would suggest one of those if financially possible.

 I am already a client of yours or have been a client, would this   be a good fit for me? 

Absolutely. I will continue to add content every month that can complement our 1:1 work together. Or if you have worked with me in the past this could be a great way to work with me again. If you are a current or past client, reach out and I can give you your discount code!

 What are top down and bottom up approaches to healing? 

Top down processing involves processing explicit memories, practicing self-compassion, doing inner child work, and connecting your past trauma to your present behavior. Bottom up processing involves regulating your nervous system, breath work and somatic work, and processing implicit memories and body sensations. This combination in which you can help your body experience regulation and then involve your mind to continue to process can help tremendously. 

 What is your refund policy? 

Due to the nature of this subscription, all sales are final and non-refundable.

“I feel comforted”

“It feels life giving to be in community with real people and real stories”

- The Simplest Self Community Members

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